The Greatest Lie Ever Told

Chapter 1 


Abraham — the Wandering Star

Chapter 1

“Truth is a pathless land,

    and you cannot approach

    it by any path    

    whatsoever, by any

    religion, by any sect.”

Jiddu Krishnamurti


Our quest to uncover what’s hidden beneath the mantle of religious history must start with one man. The Jewish and Christian Bibles and the history of Islam, all take us back to the time of Abraham.

    When we read the story of Abraham, the characterisation, plot and exploits seem familiar and we start to recognise the ingredients of a modern day pot–boiler. Our hero is a simple man, with humble beginnings and grand ambitions, who strives to create a family dynasty. The plot overflows with jealousy, lust, ambitions, intrigue and brotherly rivalry, that in their turn fuel the dynastic progress. No one tires of the tales that built a nation’s self–confidence and sense of belonging, evoking stirring tales of its people’s hard struggles and ultimate success.

    Create a local hero, recount his daily hardships and familial infighting: have him fight political bigwigs and win, and see him rise to power and influence over his family and friends and former enemies too. The recipe works for TV soaps today and Abraham repeats have been running for synagogue audiences for the last 2,500 years. If pride in their ancestors’ achievements fails to impress us, then we have the pointed reminders that Abraham’s descendants have been singled out for special treatment; for all time; by no other than God himself. Those Bible scriptwriters crafted a history that the Jewish people would all want to hear about, talk about and would love to retell.

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