The Greatest Lie Ever Told

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Christianity has become the dominating world force not only in religion, but politics, history, art, social behaviour and the way people think. Its influence has been profound, but what if it were false, based on a misconception, built on a lie. Would that not be the greatest lie ever told?

If that were so, would we ignore the truth and continue to accept the lie because the truth is too hard for us to deal with. The coward will turn from the truth, the brave will face it and want to know more. Perhaps what existed before the lie was something wonderful. To search for the truth takes courage, but you find a light that shines on the world that no–one can ever extinguish. All it takes to find the truth, is to let the greatest lie unfold.

My discovery of the scandalous truth was traumatic, though it really should not have been so. I had always had uncomfortable reservations, but they were ones that I pushed away — the easy option is always to bury one’s head in the sand. I had always thought of myself as a good Christian, though I had never been devout or a regular churchgoer. Besides doubting the integrity of the Old Testament, I was repelled by the ritual and the subservience that the congregation gave to the priesthood and to God. The latter may appear shockingly blasphemous, but as I did, in time you may come to understand that this is not so; that eventually it makes perfect sense for what I learned was that the point of our existence is a reunion with God, where we become one and equal. … WH Uffington, The Greatest Lie ever Told