The Greatest Lie Ever Told

Contents — Part One

  1. 1. Abraham — the Wandering Star

the origins of Ur and the true significance of the area in which Abraham’s story was set

  1. 2.Digging the Dirt on Abraham and Isaac
         archaeological evidence for the story of Abraham and the lack of family morality

  2. 3. Orion and the Patriarchs
    Judeans of 7C BCE create a history, disguise their Egyptian links and encode sacred secrets

  3. 4. Moses — One More Basket Case
    the story that revives an old Babylonian legend to boost Judean supremacy and
        the historical evidence that tells us no Exodus ever took place

  4. 5. David and Solomon — Superheroes
    comic book kings created to glorify a psychopathic God and an imaginary Israelite
        Empire in an arid land; neighbours call it ‘home to hilltop farmers and bandits’

  5. 6. The Seventh–Century Propagandists
    King Josiah creates a God who makes his people racially superior, orders ethnic                

cleansing on an unprecedented scale and binds the people to the state forever

  1. 7. Holy Book of Horrors
    the scribes enslaved by the Babylonians encode their Egyptian links and return home to a
        country soon to be Hellenised; attempting to oust Alexander’s religions, the Judeans turn
        the fictitious genocide of earlier times into a nightmare reality and the Romans intervene

    Part Two  And in the Beginning — Egyptian Monotheism

WH Uffington, The Greatest Lie ever Told

The Torah Tale of Arrogance, Oppression and Genocide

Part One

looks at the evidence unearthed by the University of Tel Aviv, that shows us what the 7th Century BCE Jewish scribes were trying to protect and preserve: the true origins of the Jews and their Star based ancient religion. Most of the characters, killing and horrors of the Torah tales were a fiction and invention, as was the glorious Israelite Empire. We see why, through politics and avarice the Jews have been betrayed.