The Greatest Lie Ever Told

Contents — Part Two

  1. 8. The Egyptian God of Creation
    the myth, theory and supporting evidence that explain Ancient Egyptian beliefs, question
        assumptions about the people and show why their religion is relevant today

  2. 9. Uncovering the One God
    after the story of  Thutmosis and the Dream Stele a new dawn lights the path of Atum–
        Ra, it leads away from Amun and moves towards the Aten

  3. 10. Akhenaten The Man Who Gave Us God
    Spirit of Aten brought one God and one religion; his Holy City was built in the exact
        centre of Egypt with the same precise measurements used in the Great Pyramids

  4. 11. The Pharaoh In Gods’ Image
    Akhenaten chose to be portrayed in a stylised and elongated form in order to look like the
        Elohim described in the Book of Enoch 

  5. 12. From Egypt to Exile
    Ay, Divine Father of the Aten Temple, restores stability in Tutankhamun’s reign, the
        Atenist priests have to go, taking their monotheistic religion with them, to Canaan

  6. 13. Akhet–Aten to Eden

        Akhenaten’s legacy is revealed and baffling Bible stories start to make sense at last

Part Three  New Testament  — The Jesus Myth Corruption

WH Uffington, The Greatest Lie ever Told

And in the Beginning — Egyptian Monotheism

Part Two

goes back to Egypt to look again at what the ancient people knew and believed. It takes a mathematical look at Akhenaten and his plan for New World Order and finds some answers to baffling questions in the Gnostic Book of Enoch. There was no Moses nor Hebrew Exodus, just an Egyptian priesthood exiled by their Divine Father, whose influence created a new religion and culture amongst the Canaanite hill tribes.