The Greatest Lie Ever Told

Contents — Part Three

  1. 14. Out of Egypt Once More

       from the earliest records of Egyptian religion through the Greek philosophers to the Druids, the story of Man and God has been told, Alexander helped spread the stories and teachings of Jesus under his changing names

  1. 15. From Mystery to Mayhem
         Pythagorean Jews create their own Mysteries but when Jerusalem falls their followers,
        enslaved in Rome, lose their priests and corrupt their religion

  2. 16. The Gospel Truth
    Literal Christians in Rome have no teachers, misunderstand the allegories, and believe
        the Jewish Mystery stories are tales of real people

  3. 17. The Man Who Never Was
    evidence of the mythological Jesus and what contemporary writers said about the Jews

  4. 18. Isis — The Real Mary
    from Mary Magdalene and Black Madonnas to the Blessed Virgin, the stories lead to Isis

  5. 19. He Who Points The Finger To Orion   
    Druids, Cistercians, Knights Templar, Priory of Sion and John the Baptist, all pointing    
        to a distant star

  6. 20. Some of Our Apostles Are Missing
        searching for evidence that the Apostles existed and showing what they really represent

  7. 21.Paul — Dangerous Heretic
    why we know he was initiated into the Mysteries, what happens when you ‘look through
        a glass darkly,’ where the road to Damascus led and when his work was forged

  8. 22. Pearls Before Swine
        tell Roman Jews a truth that they don’t want to hear, from the Commandments to the
        Psalms and Miracles, Christianity enslaves those whom the truth would set free

  9. 23.Tall Tales of Mystery Martyrs
    Roman religious tolerance and sense of justice outweigh the perversion of Christian
        leaders who invent the fate of thousands in their history, evidence shows few were
        punished and none for holding a belief

  10. 24. Buy Me a Bishop
        the rift between Gnostic and Literalist Christians widens, the popularity of the latter
        amongst the uneducated leads to exploitation and ruthless money–making

  11. 25. For Mine Is the Kingdom, the Power and the Glory
       civilisation is at its peak until the death of Marcus Aurelius, then political squabbling
        takes its place, Constantine takes control and the greed and corruption in the Roman
        Church become his tool; for the next thousand years civilisation is buried beneath the
        slaughter and oppression of a ruthless and mindless religion

  12. 26. The Prince of Peace & His Reign of Terror
        Christianity becomes the official religion of the Roman Empire, pagan practices such as

washing and discussing religion are banned; Christians slaughter pagans, bands of monks

torture, loot and burn books; brutes are in the pay of bishops and dead thugs are sanctified,

as they all go about Christ’s work

  1. 27. The Mystery to Misery Millennium
        Christianity in its true form survived in rural outposts and the Celts spread it far and
        wide, the Roman Church found Kings and Princes to support it and after a thousand year
        struggle endorsed its mission with the Holy Inquisition

Part Four  The Truth, The Way, The Light — The Future


WH Uffington, The Greatest Lie ever Told

New Testament  — The Jesus Myth Corruption

Part Three

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when Pythagoras brought the Mysteries of Osiris out of Egypt, the story of the man born son of God, who died to save the world spread around the Mediterranean and a new world of personal responsibility and philosophy was born. These ideas, long ago cherished by Akhenaten and nutured by the Egyptian priests of Ra formed the basis of civilised society, bringing down ethnic barriers, promoting respect for all cultures and creating Greece’s Golden Age.

The Jews of Alexandria added the Dying Resurrecting GodMan to the tales of their own encoded version of the Egyptian Star religion and the seeds of Christianity were sown.

Once Jerusalem fell in 70 CE the original Christianity became a distorted hybrid and the truth perished over time. The exiled Jewish slaves had no teachers and no understanding of their faith. They concocted a false faith based on what they knew. The truth survived 500 years in Celtic lands though Rome tried hard to quash it but the light was never extinguished. From the earliest times an unseen covert network was keeping it aflame.