The Greatest Lie Ever Told

Contents — Part Four

  1. 28. From Inquisition to Inspiration

     after two hundreds years the printing press severs the shackles on the intellect, science and philosophy replace hell and damnation    

  1. 29. Isis Unveiled
      Rosicrucians and Freemasons keep the ideals and moral teaching alive, they give us the

Royal Society, Académie Française and the French and American Revolutions as the

covert movement attempts to create a perfect New World

  1. 30. Quo Vadis?
          Where are you going, once you’ve read this book?
           The churches may help you but the path will be your own. If you get it wrong, you won’t
          see God in the afterlife, but neither will those who get it right. We’ll all see God, when
         we learn we are one. Hope you can wait, Consensus could take an Eternity


  1. Islam

    the influence of Gnostic exiles on Mohammed who wanted an end to Arab

    greed and infighting and a return to their traditional caring society influence

  1. The Templars 

        sacred geometry and unprecedented engineering of the Gothic cathedrals,

        their Druid and Cistercian links

  1. Holy Grail
         its history and origins, what it isn’t and why, what it is and where you’ll find it

  2. Lessons from the Afterlife
        a group of lawyers assess the evidence for the Afterlife and reveal what they have learned

WH Uffington, The Greatest Lie ever Told


The Truth, The Way, The Light — The Future

Part Four

flightpaths of matter and antimatter

Philosophy, the power of the printing press and an unquenchable thirst for scientific truth ensured that the righteous moved the word on before the Holy Inquisition could catch them.

Some surprising ideas surfaced from covert societies in Europe. Hopes for a new Atlantis brought Akhenaten’s plans alive once more: the creation of ‘sun’ cities and new utopian states run on Egyptian religious principles. Partially realised we see the evidence today in London, Washington and Paris.

Now the Roman Church again leads the way and has a chance to redeem its credibility as it reveals its profound and in depth research into what happens in the Afterlife.

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